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with the u.s. and iranian governments for help. >> we just hope that we are reaching the ears of especially now with this new transition in government in iran, the ears of the right people. >> reporter: now with the election of a more moderate iranian president, rouhani, they have new hope that amir will finally go free. we are joined by amir's brother-in-law who is in michigan along with their congressman. thank you very much to both of you for joining us. i want to begin by saying thank you very much for coming on. i'm sorry for your family, another holiday passing without your brother-in-law here. this historic deal reached between the u.s. and iran, are you disappointed that as part of this warming of relations between our two countries, that so far, your brother-in-law has not been part of that, no sign that he will be released? >> well, it has been sad that a second year in a row we spent thanksgiving with his seat empty but our family, we have hope. we are not disappointed in the sense that we are hoping for the future, not looking back. amir is a human being. he belongs home. and hi
started to claim as its own, in other words, potential conflict between the u.s. and china at a military level. this news comes just days after president obama got the iranians to the negotiating table over their nuclear program. it is a dangerous world out there. and i am glad tonight we have a president who knows how to use defense and diplomacy. in times like this we need a leader who can be tough without being a cowboy. >> he certainly has a chance to prove that. he has karzai and he have things developing with the iranians and the new challenge with the chinese which may be in fact the most dangerous of the three current activities of the and that doesn't count iraq, syria, libya, you name it. >> i'm glad we've got a cool hand, no reckless cowboys. >> we're going to discuss how cool that hand is in a minute. in the crossfire tonight, peter bienert and bill crystal. this was a very significant development. and frankly raises some serious questions. the chinese, as you know, have been claiming more and more and more expansive position. we have a map that shows our viewer
sits down with me right here monday night 9:00 eastern. that's all for us tonight. anderson cooper starts right now. >>> good evening. i'm anderson cooper reporting tonight live from manila. thanks for joining us on this edition of "ac 360." this is day eight since supertyphoon haiyan hit this region and has devastated much of the philippines in the south. a lot of coastal communities. you have been witnessing what we have been seeing over the last several days. it's easy to think that by day eight with all the aid that's coming with the increasing improvements and the way it's being distributed it's easy to think that the worst is over. but for many people on the ground, the nightmare continues. there is still a lack of food, still a lack water and people are dying. people are still dying, people will die who don't need to die. they're going to die of things that if they had antibiotics they couldizely be cured of. we have an example of that this evening. you may have seen this picture. it's been seen around the world. it's really stunned a lot of people. a woman in what has remai
>> you told us to, wolf. >> good work, guys. >>> that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer. in "the situation room." "crossfire" starts right now. >>> tonight on "crossfire", is nuclear power the path to in independence, or a deadly danger? >> you can't get much closer to the hearts of the fukushima disaster than this. there are 1500 spent fuel rods. >> are we more frightened of nuclear power than we ought to be? on the left brian schweitzer. on the right, newt gingrich. in the crossfire ralph nader, a consumer advocate who opposes nuclear power, and michael shell enberger featured in the cnn film "pandora's promise." tonight on "crossfire." >>> welcome to "crossfire." >> in the crossfire tonight, ralph nader, and michael shell enberg who supports it. after a third of a century of hysteria, we're finally having an honest debate, one of the energy sources that can sustain civilization. tonight crennel's presenting a provocative new film called "pandora's promise." it argue that is despite recent disasters. most of the fears are irrational. here's a quick previ
used unforgivable language. these allegations are 100% lies. when you attack my integrity is a father and as a husband, i see red. today, i acted on complete impulse in my remarks. i fully realize in the past i have drank alcohol in excess. i wish you to know that i am receiving support from a team of health care professionals. i am taking accountability and receiving advice from people with expertise. i do not wish to comment on the particulars of this support. i am accepting responsibility for the challenges i face. i would ask you please, please, respect my family's privacy. >> okay, so little explaining. all of those threats you heard in just mentioned about legal action, that is not the threat of legal action he talked about today. that was yesterday. wants to see his former staffers who made allegations of criminal activity it came out in an affidavit. today he is starting to take his city council members to court because they are reducing his power and it does not seem to end. nic robertson joins us from toronto. i hate to use hyperbole when i asked for a comment from a reporte
a supporter of nuclear energy? you telling us that's the way to go? aren't you concerned about radiation in our water our air our wildlife and our people? an if you can support nuclear energy, why not clean coal like we have in montana? why not wind power with abundant natural gas or stored pumped energy with our lake systems? why just nuclear energy? >> before i start i want to acknowledge that i really respect ralph nader and have always admired him, especially his work in the 1960s for workplace safety, food safety, car safety. but the fact is, ralph's actually been saying this same thing about solar and wind and efficiency since the early 70s. i went and looked it up on the "new york times" this morning. last year, solar provided less than 1/10th of 1% of our electricity. the economy has become a lot more efficient over the last 40 years. we have more efficient buildings and cars and we use more energy. efficiency enables greater amounts of energy consumption. so i've always been an advocate of solar and wind. i actually lobbied for the subsidies for solar and wind. but when you look
. this is a normal arrangement. >> reporter: the u.s. military has reason to worry about an incident escalating. back in 2001, a u.s. navy aircraft collided with a chinese jet. that navy plane then crashlanded into china. the 24-man crew on kar board the navy plane was held by the chinese for 11 days before they were released. jim, good reason bad feelings and history, good reason to potentially worry about this. >> thanks very much to barbara starr. we're going to bring in the former u.s. ambassador, also cnn military analyst spider marsh, former major general, also intel officer in asia. ambassador husbandman, if i can, how quickly could this lead to miscalculation? a chance for misinterpretation of a move could lead to something bigger? >> jim, this is a difficult, tense and complicated situation. that's the biggest challenge of all. not that there is a war of words, but several countries in the region. the possibility of a miscalculation is very real. the problem is you escalate the tension and there's no real plan to de-escalate. we saw that before, as was pointed out in april of 2001, with the
most circuits. so it's very important for us to use what we have and responsi y responsibly. one of the ways, is to make sure the workload is taken care of. >> do you agree with your colleague? >> senator scott is right, the republicans aren't voting against the president's nominees. they're not allowing us to have a vote. they're blocking the procedural ways so that we're not getting votes of not only the circuit court for the district, we have flint of the presidentacy appointments that have not been filled for over months, and that they are used the basically the filibuster to prevent an up or down vote on judges, on cabinet-level positions, to a level that's never before we have seen in american politics. that's wrong. >> senator, let me build on that exact point, which is you have now had eight democratic senators come out for fixing obama care, at least as it relates to the people currently -- yet senator reid has not indicated he would be willing to bring those to the floor, though they'll clearly have a clear majority of the senate favorite. shouldn't that -- if we're goi
, some passengers run onto the airport tarmac, others use anything they can to protect themselves. >> second shots went in. and then i just grabbed luggage and started making walls and walls out of luggages. i could see the guy walking towards the escalator. he's just pointing down. after making it hundreds of feet into the terminal, the gunman is shot by police multiple times in the chest and lives. >> los angeles airport police responded immediately to the calls. they tracked the individual through the airport and engaged him in gunfire in terminal 3 and were able to successfully take him into custody. >> his motive is still unclear, but what is known is the gunman intended to cause much more destruction. sources say he had three magazineses of ammunition for his assault rifle. we are getting new details about the alleged killer including items that might speak to a motive for today's rampage. deborah feyerick has details. >> reporter: we're learning he wasn't targeting tsa agents. and we know that because of statements that he made as he was walking down that terminal. he asked
happens later tonight. thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. >>> i'll be here throughout the night with updates on all the elections. in the meantime, crossfire starts right now. >>> tonight on crossfire, an election with 2016 implications. is chris christi the republicans' best chance of broadening their base or ill ineighting it? >> after four years of me, if they don't know me, they haven't been paying attention? >>> and what does it mean in virginia? on the left, van jones, on the right, newt gingrich. in the crossfire. what message are the voters sending today? and who will listen? tonight on crossfire. >>> welcome to crossfire. i'm van jones on the left. >> i'm newt gingrich on the right. in the crossfire, we're just a full half hour from the closings of the polls on election night. if the pre-election polling turns out to be accurate, there will be two big winners tonight, chris christi and hillary clinton. the fact is the democrats who might win in new york and virginia certainly seem to be ahead, are boast allies of hillary clinton. i think she may have as big a
leon, the shooter walked up to you. take us what happened. >> i had just gotten through the security gates with the x-ray machines. i had my shoes and belt off. as i was walking through there i heard shots. ways just getting ready to pick up my shoes and belt and go on my way, pick up my other stuff. at that point we heard some shots, some more shots. so everybody kind of hit the ground then people started to run. >> did you know instantly it was shots? >> i didn't know what was happening and i didn't turn around to look. the shots were coming from behind me. and the tsa agent that was near me urged me to grab my stuff and go. he saw that i didn't have my shoes on. so he grabbed the shoes, and the two of us started running down the corridor towards the gate. meanwhile, more shots rang out. and this agent got hit. i think it was a grazing wound. because he seemed to be okay. he had my shoes. i went and kind of cowered in a corner. and the shooter was just calmly walking down the corridor. he saw me cowering there. he had his gun and he looked at me and he said, tsa? and i just shook m
us work our ways through this. >> we have a "usa today" supports columnist, and retired nfl player. jamal -- >> am i retired? >> apparently they need you to come back. >> maybe i missed the memo on how you build more real with people you are working for. you have tried to defend some of 24 stuff. can you explain to ordinary people? >> defend, interesting word. the locker room, it's impossible to explain what the locker room is like for different teams. each locker room is different. the teams that win have outstanding leadership in the locker room and there are a level of things that can occur that you would not understand. these are sports heroes, figures our kids look up to. are you saying that everyone is calling each other the "n" word? >> no question that's not occurring. i can tell you, i've been a part of football teams where that has happened. who have a certain rapport. now, you know the word is thrown around loosely, not the e.r., but the "a" end of it. as a term of endearment. >> and before i ask you a question, christine, let me set the table for a second. i have heard
. we've had many jobs of growth. i think the bigger issue is what is the changed role with the u.s. economy and global economy? that's something we have to make sure that people understand. when i talk to folks in delaware, how we can make businesses more successful frankly it comes down to the quality of the workforce. that's going on across the country. >> so from your perspective, how much of it is what you can do to make delaware competitive, and how much of it is caught up in this large i national economic challenge? >> i think to some extent the rising tide lifts all boats, but that being said, i don't think you'll find any governor prepared to sit back and wait for the national economy to get better on its own. we compete with each other all the time, but it certainly helps when the overall economy is growing. >> scott, the republicans here in washington, d.c., they're actually polling lower than the belly of the snake. you've had an op-ed that criticized the republicans here for the shutdown. could you please explain that? >> i think government is too big, too expensive, gr
that democratic candidates will be able to run on obama care as an advantage leading us into the 2014 elections. >> i've got to be honest the dulcet tones of debbie wasserman schultz didn't exactly set the mood, if you know what i mean, but regardless, congressman, you ran in 2010 as the more pro-obama care democrat. tell your viewers and your constituents tonight to their faces, are you going to run on obama care in 2014? >> first, congratulations. also i have to correct you, i ran in 2012. >> i'm sorry. >> i didn't have the opportunity to vote one way or the other when it first came up, but i am a supporter. i think the broad-brush strokes are having good. such an people in pennsylvania, you know how many people we have? 2.4 million. we need to take care of these people. 1 million uninsured people. >> how many have signed up? do you know? >> i don't. obviously it's a disappointing roll-out. but you do line that he's owned the problem. he understands the principle of the buck stops here, and anybody who thought the roll-out was going to be smooth and without hitches is not lives in the real wo
's what obm, or whoever the personnel office decided for us. by the way, the aca, the obama care law actually grandfathered people like that to be able to keep them. it didn't grandfather what companies could charge you for that policy. in the last three years i've seen the policies try to do 34% increases a years, 43% increases, 23% increases per year. i was the first one to sent a letter to them, to call them in, to talk to blue cross blue shield and say, listen, these are unacceptable. >> to make sure -- >> they have going to increase any of. the policies those people have -- >> just one question -- what happens if somebody ends up in january 5th in the hospital thinks they have count, don't have coverage. do they sue the federal government? i mean, when you have a big gap of a million lost policies, and 37,000 so far signing up, you probably will have a couple -- >> well, first let me tell you something, the number is significantly higher. it's embargoed right now. >> of the people signing up. it's in the hundreds of thousands. i will just tell you that. i have about 20 forums, a
. thanks for joining us. >>> tonight on "crossfire" the president and his obama care team are on an apology tour. >> i want to go in and fix it myself but i don't write code. >> why can some politicians admit they were wrong? >> i take full responsibility for my own actions. >> how profoundly sorry i am. >> while others can't? on the left, stephanie cutter. on the right, kevin madden. in the crossfire, rout marcus who supports obama care and grover norquist who opposes it. is apologizing shrewd politics or just sorry? tonight on "crossfire." >>> welcome to "crossfire." i'm kevin madden on the right. >> and i'm stephanie cutter on the left. we have two great guests in the crossfire tonight. first the president's apology. he's sorry because some americans are losing their insurance plans and their new plans are costing more. he did promise if you liked your plan you can keep it. but the way the law has unfolded doesn't live up to that promise. admittedly i've used that line, too. there's no doubt the administration oversold it. but there are some facts here that can't be ignored. we're talkin
the u.s. ease up on sanctions? ivlts it's a historic mistake. >>> on the left van jones. on the right, newt gingrich. in the "crossfire", treata parsi, and cliff may, who doesn't support it. is the president making peace or getting fooled? tonight on "crossfire." >>> welcome to "crossfire." i'm van jones on the left. i'm newt gingrich on the right. in the crossfire tonight, two guests who come down on different sides. my view is very simple. this is surrender to the iranians. it's an exact parallel to what happened with north korea when the state department team was duped, patted themselves all the way to the koreans' nuclear explosion. today both saudis and israelis, who never agree on anything, are calling this a stupid deal. apparently the seam people who told him the website would work, also told him this would work. >> first of all, this is a big difference. first of all, israel was not looking down the barrel and saying no way. number two, inspectors on the ground, and i think that's something we have not talked about enough, we are spending time on this show how we get inspecto
doesn't live up to that promise. admittedly i've used that line, too. there's no doubt the administration oversold it. but there are some facts here that can't be ignored. we're talking about roughly 3% of americans who could be paying more, and their old plans aren't even worth the paper that they're printed on. let's not overlook the fact we have a president who can admit a wrong, apologize for it and actually fix it. it's not often in this town that you see that. and kevin, we can all learn a lesson from that. >> i would agree that. the lesson is don't mislead the american people. >> in the crossfire tonight, "washington post" columnist ruth marcus who supports obama care and anti-tax decree sadr grover norquist who's an obama care opponent. kevin you're the guest host so why don't you ask the first question? >> so kind. ruth, isn't this an apology that is an apology of the last resort? the president, at first what he did he went out and denied there was even a problem. then he goes out and attacks his critics. and then only when there's no other options left does he
-called nuclear option in plain english for us? it's kind of complicated. >> >> reporter:, and what it means in practical terms is unless one of president obama's nominees is truly controversial, he or she almost surely will get confirmed, as long as democrats are in control of the senate. the reason is because what democrats did is they changed the rules so that instead of a 6 on-vote threshold for nominees to get through to overcome a filibuster, it is now a 51-vote threshold, a simple majority. the reason it's called a nuclear option is because the shoe is not always on this foot. democrats, as you well know, stephanie, are often in the minority, not just the majority. this could come back to haunt them when republicans are in charch of the senate and at the white house. >> thanks, dana. let's take a minute to turn back the clock. in 2005, i ran the campaign against the option when i worked for senator reid. back then. the republicans were the ones threatening to go nuclear. in the end democrats accepted a deal that put some of the day's most conservative judges on the bench, but today re
in the white house. this is good stuff for us, bad stuff for you guys. we've got other people who will agree with me. in the crossfire tonight, democratic strategist penny lee along with republican strategist john ferry. listen, everybody is jumping up and down and saying chris christie is now the savior, he can get black, he can get last-handed people. he can do anything. he ran unopposed. the national democrats didn't put a dollar in there. isn't every overinterpreting this whole thing? >> chris christie is the clear frontrunner. amazing victory tonight in a very blue state. iity that right now he's a guy who can go to all 50 states, he can win. he's a blue-collar guy. i guarantee you if he decides to run he will win the nomination. >> penny, i know my friend here has this model in his head. but as a professional, don't you have some admiration for somebody who can go into trenton, bring about the reforms he did, and then win the size vote he won tonight? clearly the largest republican victory in modern times in new jersey. >> sure. absolutely. but you have to really wonder what he was run
and that would be enough. somehow i don't think he's going to get off that easy. joining us in the crossfire, congressman crowley and ralph reed. this is the reality in today's nbc washington post poll, the president is down 15 points from january when it comes to being a strong leader, he's down 8 points for being honest and trustworthy. most damaging though, 70% of the country believe he's on the wrong track. is 70% of the country wrong? >> i think it's also reflective of where they see their government going. it's not just the president. i think it's the entire congress as well. you have a dysfunctional congress. the republican congress has no vision. it has no agenda for 2014. and i think the president pays some of the price for that. >> these numbers are about the president, though. >> polls go up and down. >> they're not just reflective of the president. they're reflective of what's happening right now in the times. we live in a very unsettling world. and quite frankly, what my republican colleagues continue to do is create more uncertainty. more fiscal cliffs to come, unfortunately, w
, go! >>> powerful video indeed. deborah, you were watching it with all of us. we now have pictures of the suspect paul anthony ciancia's apparently house in new jersey. i want to show it our viewers. there you see some aerial shots, courtesy of our affiliate wpvi. though you've learned more recently he's been living in the los angeles area, right? >> correct. he's been living in the los angeles area, is the information we're getting. this is pensville, new jersey, where his father apparently lives. and there are crews out there right now, clearly investigators will want to speak to both his mother and father. he also has two siblings, one of them a sister who immediately after the shooting took place very quickly took down her facebook page. so we are looking into whether he had a facebook page as well. we are told by an official that in fact he did have a facebook page. we're trying to determine the status of that right now. again, he was in los angeles. one of the outstanding questions right now, wolf is, is that firearm, that assault rifle, he had three magazines, one of them in
to "crossfire" i'm newt gingrich on the right. >> i'm van jones on the left. two u.s. senators, bernie sanders who supports obama care and david vitter who does not. tonight republicans are jumping up and down, they're so happy, saying obama care is terrible. if you look at the actual election results, you will see a much different story. new jersey governor chris christie embraced obama care's medicaid expansion, and he won. virginia governor-elect terry mcauliffe was in a close race. he embraced obama care. he won. the gigt who spend the whole time fighting obama care, lost. there's no wonder that the president is in texas tonight arguing giving millions of people access to health insurance is a good idea. >> you have a wonderful fantasy life. >>> second, in virginia, two weeks ago terry mcauliffe was up 13 points and cuccinelli turned on the obama care issue, and he cut that lead to under three points in less than two weeks. so i would think if i were a democrat, i would be a little worried. if you look at the democratic senators up for reelection, they're not behave. in the "crossfire", se
creation. this sounds awfully familiar, larry. it's like take us back four years ago, we're at the exact same play. >> those of us who are republican under the republican wing have a problem with republicans like chris christie. good guy, i would certainly prefer him over any democrat that could be tossed up, but has he accepted the architecture of welfare state? or will he by like ted cruz, wanting to attack the welfare state and xwoir individuals in the states? that's our concern. >> it's a full rep table. steve la tourette, also rick tyler, who isn't a christie fan. suns you are our guest host tonight, larry, why don't you ask the question. >> steve, one of my problems with chris christie was during during he asked for funding, i get it, but couldn't he have threat said something like, when i run in 2016, i'm going to make sure i don't federalize disaster relief and this boondoggle known as fema was a bad idea? but you've got to do what i've got to do for my state. >> no. he didn't exactly what he was supposed to do as the governor of new jersey. his people were hurting, the program,
? >> no. i think the i.t. disaster, let's use your word, newt -- is fixable. the effort to get that done is ongoing. we have 900,000 people registered on, waiting to see what options are going to have. that should have been expedited. it was unfortunate. i'm not defending the program and aisle not defending the computer. what i'm defending is the substance of this legislation that was passed. >> i'm with you defending that, and also with you in defending the president. i watched the same news conference. you guys must be on the twilight zone. i'm going to tell you why people should be very proud of our president today. how much protein does your dog food have? 18 percent? 20? new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learn more at purinaone.com i started part-time, now i'm a manager.n. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a phar
. obviously we were mad at him for a while, for those of us in -- but now he's the big dog, we like him. are you worried, though, about bill clinton anyway? >> well, of course. i mean, look, we run bill clinton today as if he's a 23-year-old guy. he's not, so i worry about his health, of course. although he's in good health. but there's no question that hillary clinton is going to run as her own person. like elvis, like tupac, she's on oprah, everybody knows hillary. this is the son of a truck driver. i worked for a guy -- dick gephardt, who was the son of a truck driver, but look at your resume, the kind of things you accomplished back in minnesota. that doesn't help you with today's republican party. they want someone who is an isolationist, so far to the right they may not be able to get people in the middle as you've been able to do. >> donna, with your many years of experience, you know these battles are a combination of purity and electability. at the base level parties like purity until they keep getting their butt kicked, and all of a sudden then they factor in electability. may
? >> it won't fix it, because it's unfixable. but it will patch the hole in the roof and it gives us more time to build new foundations for a better health care system. >> go ahead. >> except that fred upton fundamentally opposes obama care. >> what about the piece of legislation that -- >> it almost doesn't -- >> are you for that? -- >> the point is, president clinton has said we should change, deck dick durbin says i should change. medicare came out, it has been changed hundreds of times. >> did people millions of people lose something with medicare? >> they lost their freedom. >> are you in favor for this for people who have had their insurance canceled? >> canceled? you're talking about the 5% of the market. >> are you interested in helping those 5%? >> those aren't cancellations. those are bad product recalls. it's like cars they discovered the master cylinder doesn't work, being recalled and replaced. >> you seriously think all those plans that have within canceled -- >> yes. >> democratic states approved these plans. >> if it wasn't fred upton. if it was coming out of a democrat and the
keep it, admittedly i've used that line, too, and there's no doubt the administration oversold it, but there are some facts that could be ignored. we are talking about roughly 3% of americans who could be paying more, and their old plans aren't even worth the paper they're printed on. let's not overlook the fact a president can admit a wrong, apologize for it and actually fix it. it's not often in this town that you see that. kevin, we can all learn a lesson from that. >> i would agree. i think the lesson is don't mislead the american people. >> all right. in the crossfire tonight "the washington post" columnist ruth marcus, and antitax crusader grover norquist. kevin, you're the guest host, so why don't you ask the first question. >> so kind. isn't this an apology of the last resort? at first he denied there was even a problem. then he goes out and attacks his critics. then when only there's no other options left does he apologize? >> i think i'm going to surprise you and maybe grover and maybe stephanie and say, yes, i think you're right. i am a supporter of obama care, but i do
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